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Cardboard technology meets


We do design sustainably by choosing eco-friendly materials that are sourced responsibly and 100% recyclable. This is part of the culture and values at Hive City and we share it with our community through design.


All of our pieces can be recycled once it has served its purpose and return to the eco-system to become something new again. Even the ink we use to print with is eco-friendly. Partner with us to get creative with your brand and be kind to our planet while doing it. 

Hive City is the exclusive partner of Nordwerk Design, Germany.

100% business • 100% social

Hive City strives to serve the city through business, education, and hospitality. As such it brings together elements that represent a new kind of collective that is designed to add vitality and vibrancy to New Westminister and beyond. 


An unique part of our vision is that we are 100% business, 100% social. Meaning 100% of our profits will be given back to New West and beyond in social, non-profit, and

start-up funding and disbursements. The more successful we are as a business, the more we have to give and to build up the community. This is what excites us.


100% Made in New West

We're deeply rooted in the community of New Westminster in British Columbia, Canada. Hive City is an initiative of Five Stones Church to enhance and build-up the community we are in. 

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613 Front Street

New Westminster, BC V3M 1A1



Phone: 604.425.0395

Monday–Friday: Open Studio 11AM–3PM or by appointment

Saturday, Sunday: Closed