Downtown New Westminster is going through the exciting process of gentrification. Rich in history and geographically strategic, New Westminster has always served as an anchor to the province, first as its capital, then as the "first Vancouver". While the city experienced a down season as the Lower Mainland expanded in all directions, it is now going through a resurgence and recapturing its founding charm.

Hive City was established to contribute to the city's new energy and development. Of first priority was to maintain a vital link to New Westminster's rich heritage of buildings. Located at 613 Front Street on the Cunningham block—first built in 1890 and then rebuilt in 1899 after the Great Fire—Hive City has been renovated to preserve the beautiful historical character of the building while utilizing modern architectural design motifs and elements. We believe it's an exciting, leading-edge space of how the old and new can be brought together in a compelling way. We are big believers in heritage revitalization.

We also want to add to the economy of the city. As such, we are starting a design business that utilizes premium paperboard technology as our primary substrate and medium. It represents a timely renewable strategy that helps companies leverage recyclable paper to create everything from retail and conference displays to furniture to toys. Green is mean.




Hive City exists to serve the city through business, educational, and social platforms. As such it brings together elements that represent a new kind of collective that is designed to add vitality and vibrancy to New Westminister and beyond. Because we believe GENEROSITY is what makes life special, we are excited to be a 100% BUSINESS, 100% SOCIAL initiative. All our profits go towards resourcing and funding social, non-profit, and entrepreneurial causes in New West and beyond.




Dr. rich kao

Chief Executive Officer

Maximilian Hansen

Nordwerk Design, CEO and

Chief Design Officer

Jon WonG

Creative Director & Vice President

karmen Hansen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Hive City

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