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There's nothing like a great spot to refuel and recalibrate. Whether it's the early morning cup of coffee or mid-day appointment, Hive Cafe is a great place to connect, meet-up or hang out. 


We are located conveniently by Pier Park, where Front street meets 6th street. In addition to our great coffee from Pallet Coffee Roasters, we serve pastries and goodies all sourced locally that will make it a fun stop for families, visitors and all those enjoying the waterfront. 

A Fun New Coffee Spot!

summer Hours

Tuesday–Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: 9AM–9PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM

Sunday: 12PM–5PM

Monday: Closed


something to drink

summer specials

Espresso Limonata

Simple yet complex and lemony. #1 for refreshment in the summer, but warning, you either hate it or you love it! (semi-addictive).

Iced Spanish Latte

Classic iced latte with a twist, a smooth, sweet, velvety condensed milk twist. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re missing out, big time.

Cappuccino Freddo

The go-to iced coffee in Greece. Strong black coffee contrasted by smooth and creamy honey milk-foam, dusted with cinnamon just to be special.

Campino Iced Tea

You know those little white and red spirally creamy candies? Imagine that but a deliciously refreshing drink.

Pear + Mango Shaken Tea

Lush pear tea infused with mango then shaken to perfection and served over ice.

Berry Grapefruit Shaken Tea

Freshly steeped pink grapefruit tea infused with berries served ice cold.

Lavender Lemonade

What can I say? Lavender, lemon and honey, who knew. Plus, a bit of fizz just to make it more summery.



Americano (hot or iced)

Americano Misto (hot or iced)

Espresso Macchiato



Flat White

Latte (hot or iced)

Caramel Macchiato (hot or iced)

Mocha (hot or iced)

Pour Over (hot or iced)

Not coffee


Tea Misto


Hot Chocolate

London Fog

Chai Latte (hot or iced)

Matcha Latte (hot or iced)

Shaken Iced Tea

Kids Steamer

Kids Hot Chocolate

Kids Chai

the staples

proudly serving:

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609 Front Street

New Westminster, BC V3M 1A1

Tuesday-Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: 9AM–9PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM

Sunday: 12PM–5PM

Monday: Closed